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Backpack for fishing Acropolis RR-2

Water-repellent fishing backpack for different types of angling. The main compartment has a volume of 41 liters. 8 additional sections are sewn on different sides. Given their sizes, the volume of the RR-2 will be 70 liters. The backpack can accommodate everything for comfortable fishing. Here:

Universal case for the weapon Acropolis CHDZ-110.

Protective cover made of polyester for rifled or smoothbore weapons with a length of 100 - 110 cm. Fastens on the rifle with magnetic fasteners. The weapon and a cover are transferred on a hunter's shoulder using the rifle`s belt.

Bag for smartphone and documents acropolis SDD-2

Practical bag made of water-repellent material for documents and a smartphone for hunters or anglers. Worn on the front of the chest or abdomen. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length. The messenger bag has one central compartment and 4 auxiliary pockets.

Size - 23 x 17.5 x 2.5 cm.

Cooler Bag Touristic Acropolis TST-3

We offer a new product - the large touristic bag TST-3 (volume 44 liters). The main compartment with thermal protection, divided in half by a removable partition. The thermo compartment has special Velcro pockets for cold accumulators, which are equipped with the product. Before the trip they need to be cooled in the freezer of the refrigerator, and after installation, we recommend to close the bag tightly with a zipper. Thus, cold storage batteries will maintain the required temperature longer.

Backpacks for mushroom pickers Acropolis

In the assortment of the "Acropolis" company appeared "Backpacks for mushroom pickers", which are completed with baskets for collecting and transferring mushrooms.

We offer 2 models, different in prices and configurations:

1. RNG-2 - Backpack with 1 basket for mushrooms

Print - hunter and angler

Acropolis presents T-shirts for men with short and long sleeves of classic length. For the summer you can buy T-shirts with short sleeves, for cool weather - we offer a men's T-shirt with long sleeves.

All Acropolis men's t-shirts are made of natural material - 100% cotton. It is well permeable to air in the middle and absorbs excess moisture.


Acropolis company made winter glove Acropolis CRZ. A feature of this glove is that it is universal, so it will be convenient to use it both right-handed and left-handed. A rubber platform on an elastic tape is also included with the mitten. This platform is attached to the foot and facilitates the removal of the glove.


Acropolis has updated boot covers for hunters and fishermen BM-1 and BM-2. We changed the mounting type to provide complete comfort when walking in high snow.

Acropolis in the list of 50 Ukrainian companies, recommended for investing

As the result of Acropolis work, it is included to the list of 50 Ukrainian private companies, which in 2019 became the most attractive for external investments in the ranking of the special project of the investment media platform Investory News, the law company Dictum and LLC Finance Solutions Group.


Acropolis presents a novelty – shirts for hunters and fishermen. The shirts are presented in 6 sizes and three colors: 2 checkered and 1 monochrome. They have insect protection.