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Ремені для зброї одноточкові та триточкові Акрополіс

We offer our customers new weapon slings strap, which can be used as single-point and two-point.

Let's look closer at the main characteristics of each model.

Model RDZ-1 – Sling for Weapon with 1 or 2 attachment points:

Палиці для грибників Акрополіс

Acropolis Mushroom Picking Products have been replenished with 2 new items - "Folding Sticks for Mushroom Pickers".

There are 2 models in the assortment, which differ in the upper support handle:

Прикормка для риби Акрополіс Аніс, Ваніль, Часник

TM "ACROPOLIS" has prepared new products for anglers! Recently, we wrote about premium baits mixtures for fish KRILL, FRUIT MIX, and HALIBUT. Today the company announced the expansion of its line with 3 more types of baits:

Trophy boards for helical horns and sickle horns Acropolis (Ukraine)

We offer hunters new boards for trophies, designed specifically for mouflon. The original design allows you to keep the original look of the trophy. The skull with horns is placed between 2 wooden boards, securely fastened with a leather strap. The strap tension is adjusted by a buckle. Assembly and disassembly from the board takes 1-2 minutes.

Trophy boards from the Acropolis company are packed in a gift non-woven bag with a thematic print.

You can choose from 2 sizes:

Екосумки, екоторби Acropolis, пакет та відро для грибів

Before the beginning of the mushroom picking season 2022, Acropolis released 3 new foraging eco-bags: MG-3, MG-4, and MG-5.

Acropolis MG-3 - eco-bag made of durable military mesh:

Men's double-sided orange scarf / olive Acropolis SSh-2

Novelty!!! Men's double-sided scarf Orange / Olive - Acropolis SSH-2.

The bright orange color will make the hunter visible on the hunt. In the color of olive green - ideal for everyday use.

bait for fish acropolis

Premium mixture for feeding big fish:




Fleece double-sided men's gloves Acropolis

Already on sale !!! Bilateral men's mittens for the man who loves hunting, fishing, mountaineering. Colors - Orange / Olive.

Souvenir leather drinks flask and glasses for mushroom pickers

New Acropolis Mushroom Picking Items!!! Metal flasks and glasses in covers with decorative embossing and prints "MUSHROOMS".

Inscriptions in Ukrainian or English!

Inscription «Я полюю на гриби»
-          ФЛ-1г Flask in a leather cover with embossing. Volume - 210 ml.
-          СХБ-1г Big glass in a leather case with a pendant. Volume - 170 ml.
-          СХМ-1г Small glass in a leather case with a pendant. Volume - 70 ml.

ACROPOLIS Cases for keys BIG FISH, DEER, BRANCH, I am a mushroom hunter

1. Pocket leather case for keys with decorative embossing:

KL-1r - "BIG FISH"

KL-1m - DEER


2. Model KL-1zg. Eco-leather case for keys "I am a mushroom hunter".