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Nylon weapon cases Acropolis

In May 2021, new cases for smoothbore and rifled weapons with optical sight FZ-21 and FZ-22 will be on sale. The case is designed to protect the rifle from moisture, dirt, mechanical impact and damage. The 4-layer construction provides comfort in carrying. Durable nylon with an internal foam seal holds its shape well and absorbs shocks. A soft foam insert gently protects the weapon inside.

Weapon sling Acropolis MR-12

Introducing a new weapon sling - Acropolis MR-12. Product made of tarpaulin tape with latex tracks and leather. It is attached to the weapon swivel with a strap with a metal buckle.

An important point in the design of the belt: to protect the weapon from scratches, all metal elements are hidden with an elastic band.

There are 4 colors - khaki, black, brown, orange.

Bait for fish Acropolis

In fishing shops and online stores now you can buy not only fishing bags, covers, cases, and backpacks Acropolis, but also high-quality fish bait from the ECOfish series. These are mixtures of natural ingredients that effectively attract and keep predatory and peaceful fish in the area of ​​their catch at different times of the year. Bait is sold in 4 packages:

Acropolis hard cases for weapons

For the quarter-centenary anniversary, the Aсropolis company presents a promo video about weapon cases. We hope the video will be interesting for you.

Picnic sets Acropolis

New items 2021 now are on sale - travel bags with picnic utensils for 6 and 4 people. These are models SDP-1 and SDP-2. Picnic sets differ in size, utensils and functionality of bags.

The SPD-2 set is completed with:

Jeans suit Akropolis OKD-1

The company Aсropolis has developed a series of men's denim clothing for outdoor activities:

Acropolis Fleece covers for weapon

New soft hunting rifle cases in two sizes for smoothbore and rifled weapons - models ChDZ-5/130 and ChDZ-6/120, respectively. Made of quality fleece with a density of 230 g/m. It removes moisture well, protects the weapon from scratches.

The product can also be used as a packing case for storing a rifle in a hard case. When folded, it is very compact. At one end it is tightened on a cord with a plastic clamp.

Men's clothes Acropolis size XXXL

Acropolis has started sewing XXXL men's demi-season sweaters and summer T-shirts for hunters and anglers. Big size, classic olive colors, natural and combined fabrics, practical cut, dark and light print with "hunter and angler" - these are the features that sellers and buyers of products should pay attention to.

For full information on materials and detailed photos of clothes, watch in the subcategories "T-shirts, sweaters, jackets" in hunting and fishing wear.

Fleece tracksuit Acropolis OKS-1

Novelty! We offer a sports suit OKS-1 made of warm breathable fleece for active men. The material is hypoallergenic, almost does not absorb moisture, and dries quickly. Protects the body from wind and frost. The set includes a jacket with a high collar and sports pants with two outer pockets. An elastic band is sewn into the bottom of the jacket, the waistband of the trousers, and the edges of the sleeves.

Hats Acropolis

Acropolis presents new men's hats for hunters and anglers. There are warm demi-season hats and balaclavas made of breathable 100% acrylic, which warm the head well in cold weather. You can choose classic hats, as well as a universal hat with a visor.