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FO-3а - case for a disassembled shotguns

FO-3а - case for a disassembled shotguns

Completely tough case basically made of plywood and equipped with a handle for easy transportation. Several partitions inside the case form the compartments for the barrel, butt, cleaning kit, belt and small accessories. For reliable fixing elements of weapons the case is provided with pillows. Handles case with padded additionally stitched and reinforced by holnitens. The edges of the material reinforced and protected by a durable seal. Packing cases for barrel and butt are included. Case for shotgun FD-3a additionally locked by two belts with metal buckles. On the front wall there is a transparent pocket for ID.

Operational features: weapons kept in disassembled form. Reliable fixation, shockproof, frost-resistance, water-repellent surfaces.

Dimensions: 78x24x6 cm.
Materials: frost-resistant imitation leather, foam, plywood, velor, polyurethane foam.