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Modern mixture for feeding freshwater fish. BAITS - ANISE, VANILLA, GARLIC

Прикормка для риби Акрополіс Аніс, Ваніль, Часник

TM "ACROPOLIS" has prepared new products for anglers! Recently, we wrote about premium baits mixtures for fish KRILL, FRUIT MIX, and HALIBUT. Today the company announced the expansion of its line with 3 more types of baits:

  •     ANISE,
  •     VANILLA,
  •     GARLIC.

The product has good viscosity and stickiness. The composition includes only natural ingredients! Baits can be used both in stagnant water and on the river. It has a strong aroma that spreads rapidly throughout the pond. Collects fish in one place and keeps it there for a long time.

Test our new products while fishing. We look forward to your reviews. Write to us by email