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New backpack for the anglers Acropolis RR-2

Backpack for fishing Acropolis RR-2

Water-repellent fishing backpack for different types of angling. The main compartment has a volume of 41 liters. 8 additional sections are sewn on different sides. Given their sizes, the volume of the RR-2 will be 70 liters. The backpack can accommodate everything for comfortable fishing. Here:

  •     on the sides 3 zippered pockets;
  •     rigid compartment for reels with mobile partitions;
  •     compartment for a large fishing box;
  •     central auxiliary compartment with a large number of pockets made of PVC film and fabric for accessories;
  •     folding upper compartment, which is hidden by zippers and straps.

On the back, there are ergonomic shoulder straps, a carrying handle, and a three-dimensional soft waist insert for easy carrying of the backpack on the back.

In addition to the RR-2 model, you can buy a version RR-2u with a large fishing box KB-2 and a box for snoods PB.

Рибацький рюкзак з коробками Акрополіс РР-2