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Outdoor Picnic Bags with utensils for 4 and 6 Persons

Picnic sets Acropolis

New items 2021 now are on sale - travel bags with picnic utensils for 6 and 4 people. These are models SDP-1 and SDP-2. Picnic sets differ in size, utensils and functionality of bags.

The SPD-2 set is completed with:

  •     travel bag;
  •     4 metal cups and 4 plates;
  •     a set of 4 tablespoons and forks;
  •     frying pan with a lid and removable handle and cauldron;
  •     2 cutting boards.

The SPD-1 set includes:

  • bag with thermo compartment;
  • cold storage battery;

  • 6 cups;

  • 6 shallow and 6 deep plates;

  • 6 tablespoons and forks;

  • frying pan with a folding handle;

  • cauldron with lid;

  • cutting board;

  • knife;

  • skimmer;

  • ladle.

More detailed information about sets, characteristics of kitchen utensils, photos of bags and utensils you can find on our website.

Набори для пікніка Acropolis