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Steps towards starting the production again


As of 23.01.2017, in 20 days after the fire the tremendous bulk of work has been done. The fire destroyed the equipment, raw materials and part of the finished products. Thanks to the hard work of the company's employees, the new production premises have already been rented, the pre-manufacturing, sewing workshops have been opened. The process of production was launched.

Every day we are getting closer to the previous volume, capacities of production and trade. What does not kill us makes us stronger, so was with fire that happened on 3rd of Jan.

Acropolis is the leading manufacturer of accessories for hunting and fishing in Eastern Europe.


In ten days after the force majeure, the achievements were done:

1. We have found the new production premises.

2. We bought the new sewing machines for the start of production.

3. Our design department is working on the restoration of the patterns for the already existing models, together with the development of the new products.

4. Despite the fact that the investigation is still ongoing, we got access to the affected premises, carried out an analysis of losses. Work has begun on the evacuation of the survived equipment, materials, billets and finished products.

16.01.2017 has started the evacuation of finished goods from the warehouses. The warehouses of the finished goods of hunting, fishing and tactical equipment have almost not suffered from the fire.

The achievements as of 16.01.2017 are the complete renewal of the equipment of the sewing department sewing machines, workstations for the seamstresses, the setting up of lighting and, above all, the observance of standards of fire safety.

The work of the restoration of the activity of the enterprise is being continued.

16.01.2017 have begun to work the preparatory operating workshops.

On video, you can see the process of cutting materials for future products.

Within two weeks after the fire, have found and rented new premises for the sewing department, operational departments, preparatory departments and warehouses of finished products.

The company is recovering with the confident steps. We should thank to the management who believes in their own strength and the employees who are staying with the company at a difficult moment and make all efforts for the fast restoration.

17.01.2017 sewing department opened. Seamstresses have already begun to work.

17.01.2017 work is being continued on the moving the goods to a new warehouse.