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T-shirts for hunters and mushroom pickers

T-shirts for hunters and mushroom pickers Acropolis

For the active summer season, Acropolis has prepared short-sleeved T-shirts with new prints. Models FG-1b, FG-1h with the inscription "I am hunting for mushrooms" and FG-2b, FG-2h "All mushrooms are edible -" are men's T-shirts: white and khaki, respectively. An interesting design drawing will appeal to passionate mushroom pickers who want to have clothes in their wardrobe that indicate their hobby.

T-shirts for hunters OFK-1b and OFK-1h "Boar" are presented in the same colors. The image of a wild boar in the center of the sighting net will remind hunters of exciting moments of successful hunting. Note that you can choose the color of the print, it can be light or dark.

As always, T-shirts are made of high-quality natural fabric and durable paint colors that retain their appearance for a long time.

t-shirts with pictures of mushrooms, wild boars Acropolis