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Travel Cooler Bag Acropolis TST-3. New model!

Cooler Bag Touristic Acropolis TST-3

We offer a new product - the large touristic bag TST-3 (volume 44 liters). The main compartment with thermal protection, divided in half by a removable partition. The thermo compartment has special Velcro pockets for cold accumulators, which are equipped with the product. Before the trip they need to be cooled in the freezer of the refrigerator, and after installation, we recommend to close the bag tightly with a zipper. Thus, cold storage batteries will maintain the required temperature longer.

The height of the bag allows you to carry in it not only food but also drinks in bottles up to 2 liters. The walls are reinforced with polyethylene foam. Durable frame and water-repellent wear-resistant sewing material. Cooler Bag  for travel, designed for active use in different conditions. The upper zipper has two runners and a special stopper. The central compartment can be opened partially - the right or left side, or completely, if you need to remove all provisions.

There is front pocket for accessories. Carrying handles are securely sewn on the sides with reinforced threads.

You can buy a bag for a tourist in two configurations:

  1. TST-3 (the package includes a bag and 4 cold batteries);
  2. TST-3u (complete with bag, 4 cold storage batteries, 3 plastic  boxes for, 2 kitchen boards and a tablecloth 200 * 140 cm).

Термосумка з коробками для їжі та скатертиною - ТСТ-3 Акрополіс