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What does not kill us makes us stronger!


We are confidently stepping towards the restoration of our production and all this is done with the help of our partners and friends. We would like to thank for accepting our situation, offering help and support in this difficult moment to:
Lithuanian company INFORTA represented by Alexander Shkulov, the Georgian company CARAVANI +, represented by the Director Avtandil Paradashvili, an Israelien company ISRACARP, represented by the Director Vitaly Romanchenko. 
TMM Express, who offered help in free transportation.
Organizers of the exhibitions IWA OUTDOOR CLASSIC 2017 and Jagd und Hund 2017, who immediately returned the money to us, that was paid for participation in the exhibition.


Homeowners in Nuremberg, Nina and Matthias, after just finding out about our problem, immediately responded and returned costs.
 We rented the new building, which was equipped with a new sewing workshop and already 17.01 in 2 weeks after the terrible force majeure partially started our production.
 In addition, almost completely transferred the remains of the finished products and materials that survived during the fire. And also we have equipped the cutting workshop, where work is already underway.