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RL-1 Backpack for carrying special tools

RL-1 Backpack for carrying special tools photo

Manufacturer: Acropolis.

Product for long carrying on the back special tools:

  • modular ram with two mounted nozzles;
  • special lever crowbar;
  • special mounting crowbar.

The backpack design includes a metal plate, tool holders, two thick straps and a handle for transporting it. On the line of the breast to the straps is attached a textile band with a fastener. The free edge of the band is processed by laser cut technology.

The main compartment of the product is closed on a zipper. The outer surface of the back panel is sewn with three overlays, each consisting of two identical pieces sewn together. Chemically stitched polyethylene is inserted into each pieces to form an ergonomic backrest.

Color of product: black.
Product's sizes:  height - 85cm, width - 61 cm, depth - 30 cm.
The main material is 100% polyamide textured yarn with high strength.
Warranty period of operation: 12 months.