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CHMS-1 Mat-cover for a sniper rifle

CHMS-1 Mat-cover for a sniper rifle photo
CHMS-1 Mat-cover for a sniper rifle photo
CHMS-1 Mat-cover for a sniper rifle photo

Manufacturer: Acropolis.

A mat-cover for a sniper rifle is designed to carry a rifle up to 135 cm in length in the field conditions. If it is necessary, the cover can transforms into a rug for a long – time firing position.

When it is folded, it protects the weapon from mechanical damage, contamination and weather conditions. There are lightweight MOLLE mounting panels for pouches and equipment inside the case. Also there are locks for the ramrod, rifle bipod and pocket with a lock for the device of silent and flameless firing.

The mat-cover can be fully opened. Two layers of polyamide and a damping insert made of polyethylene foam will provide the sniper with comfort, protection from overcooling (serves as a heat insulator) and waterproofing during prolonged "lying down". The extra area of ​​the mat is provided by the elements that open from above and below when the cover is expanded.

The mat-cover is completed with the adjustable pouch for four sniper rifle shops. The case can be carried by the handles or thrown over the shoulder on a wide adjustable straps, like in the backpack. The straps have a quick reset system and a horizontal strap with a clasp to connect them together.

Mat-cover material is a smooth-colored synthetic fabric made of polyamide.
The size of the folded cover: 135х32 cm.
Dimensions of the decomposed cover: 205х100 сm.