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RMG Medical backpack

RMG  Medical backpack photo
RMG  Medical backpack inside view
RMG  Medical backpack appearance

Article: 505

Manufacturer: Acropolis.

A backpack for transportation and storage of medical property in the provision of premedical care and first aid to patients in the field and combat conditions. Also it is used to carry different equipment necessary for the accomplished tasks.

The backpack has one main compartment. All over the frame of the product runs a reverse zipper which allows you to open backpack partially or completely. On the sides there are compression slings. At the top there is a pocket which can be closed on a zipper. On the sides of the backpack, as well as on the straps are sewn masking tapes. Below is a pocket for the raincover. On the front and other sides, the product has MOLLE-type mountings.

The front and sides of the backpack are sealed with polyethylene and protect the contents from possible external mechanical damage. The back is reinforced with plastic. Inside, there is a pocket that can expand in volume. The suspension system consists of two shoulder straps, a movable chest strap and a belt.

The medical backpack RMG is completed with:

  • Bags for storing and transporting medical supplies and medicines:
    • with elastic tapes – 1 pc.;
    • with a pocket and an elastic tape – 1 pc.;
    • with a general compartment – 1 pc.;
    • extended – 2 pcs.;
    • reduced – 1 pc.
  • Panel for storage and transportation of medical supplies and medicines – 1 pc.;
  • Ampoule bag – 1 pc.;
  • Raincover – 1 pc.

The product`s color: khaki.
The main material of the product is a synthetic fabric made of polyamide (one- and two-layer).
Material of the inner side of the product: 100% polyester.
Warranty period of operation: 12 months.