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RMM-1 Gear modular medical backpack

RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack
RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack
RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack
RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack
RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack
RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack
RMM-1  Gear modular medical backpack

Article: 504

Manufacturer: Acropolis.

Gear modular medical backpack is intended for transportation and storage of medical property for the provision of domedic and first medical care to the wounded and sick in the field and combat conditions, carrying additional equipment necessary for the accomplished tasks. Namely:

  • Complete set of medical property provided by the platoon / senior combat physician training program for the mouth, battery, and equals
  • Carry the extra gear needed to complete the mission
  • Transfer of personal belongings and elements of ammunition
  • Provision of a work platform for work in vehicles and support points
  • Use in deep-sea raids and for routine medical examination of advanced military personnel
  • Short assault missions in confined spaces

Gear modular medical backpack consists of an interconnected system of fasteners - a medical raid backpack and a medical assault backpack.

Backpack modular medical raid. Overall dimensions: height - 600 mm, width - 330 mm, depth - 240 mm. It has a frame base and a total liter capacity of 45 liters, with the possibility of increasing its total volume due to the extra outer lining pocket up to 10 liters of useful backpack volume. The backpack has a longitudinal zipper that runs through the entire body of the backpack and allows for continuous opening. The backpack is equipped with two overall pockets on both sides with the possibility of fastening the hydraulic system, and the corresponding openings for the hydraulic system tube. The Quick Access Top Pocket is for oversized items. The pocket at the bottom of the backpack has a rain cape. Also in the upper back the backpack has a rubber pocket.

The backpack is fitted with MOLLE laser cut system mountings on the front and side walls. The backpack is sewn with daisy chain straps from the front, sides and top.

Shoulder straps are lengthened for more comfortable wearing on body armor and feature a daisy chain, chest strap and quick reset system. The backpack is equipped with a belt with plastic fastener type.

The backpack has three carrying handles: one on the top and two on the sides of the backpack.

In the middle of the backpack, all the walls are sewn with textile fasteners, which attach a number of totals, different in configuration and function.

The modular medical assault backpack has a total capacity of up to 10 liters and is a longitudinal zipper that allows it to be fully opened and gives access to all the content. Outside, the backpack on the front has a small zipper pocket for flat objects as well as an overlay with the MOLLE laser cut type fastening system. A mesh pocket is located on the back of the backpack. Shoulder straps are made of a 5 cm wide strap, which are fastened with fastest type fasteners. The buckles are positioned asymmetrically, allowing you to carry the product not only as a backpack, but also as a belt bag over one shoulder. Above the shoulder straps are vertical lifting straps that attach to the main shoulder straps. The backpack has a belt.

In the middle, the backpack on the front has two pockets of netting. The center part is sewn with a textile clasp that secures the medical toolbar. On the back, the backpack has two longitudinal textile fasteners, to which are fixed three pockets. The modular medical assault backpack is fixed to the modular medical raid backpack with two fastex fasteners and an outer pocket lining.

The modular backpack modular backpack includes 12 totals of different purpose and configuration and one panel for medical instruments.

The modular medical assault backpack includes three totals of different purpose and configuration, one incendiary for medical instruments.

Materials and components:

  • Main Material: CORDURA® 1500D (Invista Certified Nylon) - Thick nylon fabric with special thread structure, with water-repellent polyurethane coating
  • hybrid material: CORDURA® 1000 + 500D (Invista Certified Nylon) - TPU laminated nylon fabric
  • extra material (lining): 100% polyester with textured yarn of high strength and high stability (China)
  • high strength textile braid 100% nylon (Ukraine)
  • plastic accessories 2M (Italy), WOOJIN (Korea)
  • textile fasteners Alfatex (Belgium)
  • Alpha zipper (Poland)
  • high strength paracord-nylon cord with core (Ukraine)
  • expanded polyethylene foam with uniform closed cell structure (Ukraine)
  • plastic sheet made of polyethylene (Ukraine)
  • grommets of non-ferrous metal (Turkey)
  • sewing threads from synthetic Ariadna fiber (Poland)

Backpack modular medical raid. Overall dimensions: height - 60 cm, width - 33 cm, depth - 24 cm.

Backpack modular medical assault. Overall dimensions: height - 40 cm, width - 24 cm, depth - 10 cm.