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PS-1 Sniper's panama

PS-1 Sniper panama photo
PS-1 Sniper panama photo
PS-1 Sniper panama photo

Manufacturer: Acropolis.

The headdress made of mixed fabric. Increases the disguise of a serviceman when he performs the assigned tasks.

The bottom of the product is oval, with a mesh on the walls (for better ventilation) that converts into a double cloth and connects the panama's back and the floor. On the inside part of the product there is a hidden pocket with an open cut. You can be hide here "a neck protection" – a piece of material made from the main fabric. If it is necessary, the fabric attaches to the panama inside with three clasps "loops" and protects the neck of the military from the heat, rain of insects. On the transverse side of the product are sewn "hooks": one in the center and two at the edges.

Depending on the place, the ribbons of the main fabric of different shapes and sizes are sewn around the perimeter of the panama. It helps the sniper to disguise himself in the field. The edges of the product are made of four parts, each of which is reinforced with an adhesive pad made of flizelin. Inside of the panama there is a lace with a latch. So, the product is well kept on the head.

Product sizes: 54-62.
Panama's color: security image MM-14 (pixel)
Material: smoothly colored mixed fabric (65% cotton and 35% polyester).