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OSHM-10 Cap for anglers

OSHM-10 Cap for anglers
OSHM-10 Cap for anglers

Memory Peak with PeakAdjustCap® technology. Cap for hunting with innovative system from Acropolis ™ - Now, the peak will not obstruct the view during hunting and fishing and any animal will not be left behind!

We present to you the innovative design from Acropolis ™ - MEMORY PEAK with PeakAdjustCap® technology.

Bend the peak to the desired shape, keep for 15 seconds, and it will attain the needed shape. The authentic style of hunters and fishermen provides the combination of natural canvas and leather in the Olive color.

We used a durable, lightweight and high-quality material for your comfort and pleasure. Cap PeakAdjustCap® is beautiful fellow traveller both in outdoor activity and at work. Once wearing it, you will immediately enjoy it. p>

Material: 20% - polyester, 80% - cotton.
Size: 57-58.