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Сompany Acropolis from Lviv was  one of my first Ukrainian partners. I knew firsthand about the quality of products (all kinds of bags, cases and covers for fishing). I tried them by myself, and many friends recommended me this particular company-manufacturer.  After a brief discussion of all the terms of wholesale cooperation between me and Acropolis a contract was signed, and it runs to this day.

I must say that when dealing with employees of this company, you can definitely count on their honesty, decency, punctuality, politeness and responsiveness. All my questions were solved very soon, and the result was always mutually beneficial. Orders are processed quickly: many items are constantly in stock. Disadvantage of the ordering process, perhaps, is the absence of images of the goods in the price-list. However this "minus" is forgotten after the second or third order, when most of the products have been received and examined.

And, the biggest benefit of this company is the products quality. One’s own opinion and opinion of friends is undoubtedly important. But when your customers, having purchased Acropolis products are returning with several their friends and recommending products to them – that's really valuable. This is what confirms the outstanding quality of Acropolis goods.